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A personal finance platform designed to help you financially navigate adulthood.

We’re here to help teach you all the personal finance topics we weren’t taught about at school. From how to budget and save effectively to investing, credit cards, mortgages and much more!

What we do

A staggering 24 million adults in the UK don’t feel confident managing their money…that’s a scary statistic.

At All Things Money, our goal is to change this by tackling the existing financial literacy gap in the UK and beyond!

Through the use of social media, our podcast and captivating workshops, we provide all the personal finance tips and information we should’ve been taught at school but weren’t, to help you navigate adulthood with confidence.

What we offer


Our interactive personal finance workshops help enhance financial confidence and boost the financial knowledge of students and working professionals.

Money Power Hour

1:1 Money Power Hour sessions are designed to help you master the art of managing your finances effectively as well as to give you a chance to fire away all your burning money-related questions!

Brand Partnerships

Keen to get your brand in front of an engaged community of over 24,000 people? Look no further! We work with brands to help increase their brand awareness amongst our thriving online community.


Browse the online shop where you’ll find a number of different resources designed to help you kickstart your personal finance journey!

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Hey, I'm Ola!

I’m the Founder of All Things Money. I started the platform back in March 2020, after quickly realising how little we’re taught about our personal finances in school or university. Yet, we’re expected to understand daunting topics such as credit cards, mortgages, taxes and pensions!

Here you can expect to find jargon-free and easily digestible personal finance content to help kickstart your personal finance journey!

So, if you’re looking to increase your financial literacy, improve your money management skills or even increase your overall confidence, explore everything we have to offer!

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Tune into our Podcast!

The All Things Money Podcast is a personal finance podcast designed to help kickstart your personal finance journey.

Join me for light-hearted and chatty conversations as I cover a wide range of personal finance topics we weren’t taught at school from budgeting, saving, investing and everything in between!



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