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A staggering 24 million adults in the UK lack confidence when it comes to managing their money.

Since founding All Things Money, I’ve recognised there is a serious lack of personal finance education taking place in the UK, and my mission is to tackle this issue. As a result, I offer a diverse range of personal finance workshops designed to educate and financially empower both students and working professionals.

Let’s face it, money is considered a dull and dry topic, and my goal is to change that!

Since 2020, I have proudly hosted over 100 personal finance workshops for colleges, universities and organisations to address the financial literacy gap in the UK and promote financial confidence.

My personal finance workshops explore an array of different topics, including:

  • How to Master Your Finances
  • How to Kickstart Your Investing Journey
  • How to Get onto the Property Ladder
  • How to Use Credit Wisely and Effectively
  • The Importance of Financial Wellbeing
  • Plus, a host of other exciting topics

All of my workshops are 60 minutes and include a 10-15 minute Q&A. These interactive sessions can be delivered virtually or in-person as a standalone session, or part of a series.

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