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Top Tips for Investing in Difficult Markets

Financial markets are tricky at the moment. Political uncertainty, high inflation and rising interest rates are all leading to poor performance from the stock market. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop investing though. And it certainly shouldn’t put you off starting investing. At All Things Money, we’d hate to think people were being put […]

When Should You Start Investing?

picture of investing

This week on the blog, I thought it would be a great idea to touch on the topic of investing again. If you don’t know what investing is, then investing can often be seen as a great alternative to putting your money into a savings account, especially now that our interest rates are so low. […]

3 Things I’ve Learnt From Investing

Since creating All Things Money, investing is a topic I probably get asked about the most. Why? Probably because it is talked about so much that it makes people who are not currently investing feel like they have been left out of some exclusive club. I started my investing journey early last year and I […]