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Bundle Pack



Welcome to All Things Money: The Bundle Pack! Navigating the adult world can often be a very daunting place as we are often not taught a great deal in school. As a result, this bundle pack will include both The Handbook and The Financial Planner at a discounted price! This bundle pack will not only help you start your financial literacy journey, but will also help you better organise your finances too!

If you’re someone who is keen to learn a bit more about about the world of money AND want to start organising your finances better, then you’re in the right place!

What you will get:
-A 52 Page Guide
-Budget Planner
-Savings Tracker
-Weekly Planner
-Monthly Goals List
-Notes Page
-Your very own checklist to tick off once each topic is complete!

**Please note: All of the information presented in The Handbook is for educational purposes and does not constitute as financial advice. This is a digital product.