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The Workbook



Welcome to All Things Money: The Workbook! As we are not taught how to set our own financial goals, create a budget or even how to save, I decided to create this 24-page step-by-step guide as a tool to help you manage your finances effectively! In this workbook you will find a range of over 20 different worksheets and activities to help you take full control of your finances which I hope will leave you feeling more empowered than ever!

What’s Included:

-Setting Your Financial Goals
-Setting Yourself a Budget
-Creating a Pot of Savings
-Preparing to Invest

What You Will Get:

-A 22 Page Workbook
-Goal Tracker
-Debt Tracker
-Savings Tracker

If you are looking for a clear step-by-step guide to help you manage your finances, then look no further!

**Please note: This is a digital product.